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01 What projects are available to me when I complete the TTT?

02 I am a full-time school employee. Can I train my colleagues after earning the Certificate? Is it acceptable to consider it in accordance with the POCSO Act?


03 Will I be presented with a certificate at the end of the workshop?

Yes. When you effectively finish the workshop, you will be given a “completion certificate.”

04 For how long will the Certificate remain valid?

It is not valid for a certain amount of time. It is valid for Life Time.

05 Will you guarantee any assignments?

Yes, you may begin working as a POCSO Trainer as soon as you acquire your TTT certificate from us.

06 What kind of study materials will I receive throughout the workshop?

Presentations from the COL, a soft copy of the POCSO Act and Rules, and related notices.

07 Does the Law apply to factories and other commercial establishments?

Yes. POCSO is applicable anywhere minors (under the age of 18) are present.

08 The law is subject to frequent revision. How can I stay up to date on such changes?

You will join COL’s ‘POCSO Coach Community’ after completing the program. The trainers are periodically updated.

09 Do you clarify my doubts when I receive my assignments?

Yes. Immediately upon the conclusion of the TTT program and certification.

10 What is the objective of TTT on POCSO Laws?

The POCSO Act implies schools and other institutions where children are involved in their activities provide regular awareness training.

11 I’m not a lawyer by practice. Can I deliver the POCSO training?

Yes. The legislation does not need the Trainer to be a lawyer.

12 What kinds of training can I offer to schools?

There are five different kinds of training. In the workshop, We will describe the various types and contents.

13 How do I promote the POCSO assignments?

You may join us on our current initiative and begin training in various schools in your neighborhood right now. In the workshop, we will share our tips. You are welcome ...

14 Is there a set fee for training assignments?

No, It’s a FREE OF COST training Program for schools. We regularly offer free training programs to various schools throughout India.  We always compensate our Certified Trainers for the training ...

15 Will I have to perform any tests following the workshop?

Yes, after training, there will be a TEST for Trainers.

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