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About POCSO :

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Children are the future of our country. They are physically and emotionally fragile and easily manipulated. This is the sole basis for the widespread sexual assault directed toward them. POCSO applies to all places where children are engaged, including educational institutions where pupils are under the age of 18.

POCSO Act includes, among other things, Offences, Punishments, and Case Investigation and Trial Processes.

Days’ Workshop

Who Can Attend This Program?

  • # MBA Students or Graduates
  • # Non-HR Personnel In Top Administration
  • # Business Leaders And Startup Owners
  • # HR Professionals With Varying Levels Of #Experience And Across Niches
  • Corporate Trainers, Freelance Trainers, Teachers, Professors, etc.
  • # School Teachers,
  • # Principals,
  • # Trustee
  • # School Staff
  • # People who are associated with children
  • # Parents
  • # Tuition Teachers
  • # Volunteer
  • # Anyone who want child to be safe


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The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act is a crucial legal framework in India designed to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Recognizing the importance of ensuring that this act is effectively implemented and understood, a unique initiative has emerged. This initiative, spearheaded by an Indian NGO, offers specialized POCSO Act training and working opportunities to certified trainers. This innovative program not only equips individuals with in-depth knowledge of the act but also empowers them to contribute actively to child protection efforts.

POCSO Act Training:

The POCSO Act Training program offered by the NGO is a comprehensive and structured learning experience. It covers various aspects of the act, including its historical background, key provisions, legal procedures, and the rights of children under this legislation. The training is conducted by experts in the field of child protection and law, ensuring the highest standards of knowledge dissemination. Participants gain a profound understanding of the act's nuances, the role of law enforcement agencies, and the responsibilities of stakeholders in safeguarding children from sexual offenses.

Certified Trainers:

Upon successful completion of the POCSO Act Training program, participants are awarded certification, signifying their expertise in the field. These certified trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to educate others about the POCSO Act. They play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and understanding of the act in their communities, schools, and organizations.

Working Opportunities:

What sets this initiative apart is the commitment to providing working opportunities to certified trainers. This NGO actively connects certified trainers with various stakeholders involved in child protection, including government agencies, schools, NGOs, and legal bodies. These working opportunities allow certified trainers to actively contribute to the implementation of the POCSO Act and advocate for the rights and safety of children.

Opportunities may include:

• Conducting POCSO Act awareness workshops in schools and communities.
• Collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure the proper handling of POCSO cases.
• Assisting legal professionals in the preparation of cases related to child sexual offenses.
• Working with NGOs on initiatives related to child protection.
• Providing support to survivors of child sexual abuse by guiding them through the legal process.
• Benefits of the Initiative: Empowering individuals with a deep understanding of child protection laws.
• Creating a network of passionate advocates for child rights.
• Strengthening the implementation of the POCSO Act across India.
• Ensuring that survivors of child sexual abuse receive adequate support and justice.
• Raising awareness about child protection at the grassroots level.
• Conclusion: The NGO's initiative to provide POCSO Act Training and Working Opportunities is a groundbreaking step towards strengthening child protection in India. By equipping certified trainers with the knowledge and opportunities to actively participate in child protection efforts, this program plays a vital role in ensuring the effective implementation of the POCSO Act and safeguarding the rights and well-being of children in the country.

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01 I am a full-time school employee. Can I train my colleagues after earning the Certificate? Is it acceptable to consider it in accordance with the POCSO Act?

02 Do you clarify my doubts when I receive my assignments?

Yes. Immediately upon the conclusion of the TTT program and certification.

03 Is there a set fee for training assignments?

No, It’s a FREE OF COST training Program for schools. We regularly offer free training programs to various schools throughout India.  We always compensate our Certified Trainers for the training ...

04 What kinds of training can I offer to schools?

There are five different kinds of training. In the workshop, We will describe the various types and contents.

05 What kind of study materials will I receive throughout the workshop?

Presentations from the COL, a soft copy of the POCSO Act and Rules, and related notices.

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